Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Canon 32

Bass bombing his room
turning to the right tune
Raise my soul up that's the beat
to get me there my purest Queen

Bass keep hitting high
what are the new cultures
well you might say
blowing high would be the molly sky

Tears down and their sweats
over the messy floor they laid
so sick of the rules
and so sick of the people too

Bass banging in their head
let me do my little things
same way and same volume
but different set of values
you might celebrate or to judge

Staying strong doesn't need to slam
feeling crashed is way too lame
and blooded to pray is pain
thus the best way is to stay insane

Slow breath and blended in the air
eye closed relax and bare in vain
out of the space and the cosmic bergs
transformed mind and soul are limitless

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